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The audience for digital audio is growing exponentially but publishers and sales teams struggle to fully monetize their valuable listener communities. At the same time, brands and agencies increasingly look to secure inventory quickly and at scale with programmatic marketplaces.
WO Ad eXchange helps publishers automate ad transactions, while allowing buyers to efficiently aggregate and purchase audio inventory. With advanced targeting and support for both publisher-direct sales and real-time bidding, WO Ad eXchange provides access to new demand for inventory, increasing overall yield for sellers.

WO Ad eXchange automates sales processes so you can easily:


Increase digital ad revenue


Auction unsold inventory


Control pricing, category, and advertiser rules

Sell More, Sell Faster, Sell Better

  • Real-Time Bidding

    Integration over OpenRTB protocol allows for order prioritization with immediate bid initiation for unsold inventory

  • Yield Optimization

    Proprietary yield optimization algorithm evaluates bid responses to maximize yield for every impression delivered

  • Direct Integration

    WO Ad eXchange connects directly with publishers, like Audacy's AmperWave, so direct deals and winning bids are inserted into live streams and on-demand content within seconds of receipt

  • Simple Management

    Impressions are recorded in near real-time upon confirmed ad insertion, with support for both minimum floor price and fixed price

WO Ad eXchange Dynamic Ad Insertion and Yield Optimization

Strategic integrations with industry leaders on both the Demand Side (DSP) and the Supply Side (SSP)

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