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WideOrbit’s WO Programmatic TV Adds Deal ID Support, Passes Key Market Penetration Milestone

Programmatic TV marketplace now enables purchase of broadcast spots reaching 20 of the top 25 US media markets across the nation

SAN FRANCISCO, January 14, 2016 WideOrbit Inc., the leading provider of advertising management software for media companies, announced its WO Programmatic platform now supports Deal ID.

Deal ID is widely recognized by digital media sellers, brands and agencies as a tool for conferring the benefits of programmatic buying to both buyers and sellers while respecting their long-standing strategic pricing relationships. The implementation of Deal ID enables programmatic transactions completed through WO Programmatic to respect existing negotiated relationship terms, including pricing and clearance prioritization.

WideOrbit also provided an update on the continued expansion of WO Programmatic TV’s coverage area. Buyers that purchase advertising through WO Programmatic TV can place campaigns on hundreds of local broadcast stations that reach 74% of U.S. households, including 20 of the top 25 media markets.

WideOrbit’s implementation of Deal ID brings important benefits to both sides of programmatic media transactions. For buyers, Deal ID enables TV advertising purchases that respect existing strategic relationships while offering the best aspects of digital buying: faster, error-free transactions; integrated creative delivery; and data-based targeting. Sellers can use Deal ID to signal to advertisers with whom they have standing relationships that their programmatic offers will be accepted if they meet specific criteria, such as minimum spend and price levels.

“Implementing Deal ID enables media buyers and sellers who connect through WO Programmatic to make data-driven programmatic transactions that build on their shared history of strategic deal-making,” said Ian Ferreira, Executive Vice President, Programmatic at WideOrbit. “By bringing together the best of the media industry’s past and future, WO Programmatic produces exceptional value for everyone in the television advertising business. We plan to continue to deliver innovative programmatic technology that complements negotiations between buyers and sellers.”

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