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WideOrbit Announces Release of WO Automation for Radio Version 5.0

WideOrbit’s best-in-class radio automation software improves support for remote station operations

SAN FRANCISCO, March 3, 2021 – WideOrbit is thrilled to announce the launch of WO Automation for Radio version 5.0. The latest version of WideOrbit’s industry-leading radio automation software includes significant enhancements to further empower radio stations to work remotely.

Already the system of choice for leading media companies, WO Automation for Radio simplifies workflows and reduces costs, helping broadcasters of any size, particularly those with distributed operations, deliver compelling programming more easily. Version 5.0 offers several improvements to extend those benefits even further, to allow radio broadcasters to:

  • Manage station operations with a decentralized, remote staff
  • Run radio programming from home or on-the-go on any device
  • Manage content and playlists from anywhere, anytime
  • Integrate with other systems, like MusicMaster and WO Traffic

Specific improvements offered by of WO Automation for Radio Version 5.0 include the following:

Enhanced Remote Voice Tracking

WO Automation for Radio version 5.0 modernizes remote voice tracking capabilities to extend the complete in-studio experience to remote users.

Run Live Radio Shows from Anywhere

Native apps can be installed and operated from virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection, on almost any device, including desktop environments running macOS, Windows, or Linux, as well as on iOS mobile devices.

Enhanced Radio Station Workflows

  • Stop Media Asset Workflow Action allows on-air assets to be stopped automatically or on-demand
  • Content Import Prioritization streamlines the downloading of important content first whether from local drives or FTP sites

“Efficiency today requires the ability to manage station operations from anywhere,” said William ‘Dub’ Irvin, WideOrbit’s VP of WO Automation for Radio. “WO Automation for Radio Version 5.0 makes that not only possible but easy, whether in the studio, at home, or live-remote/voice-tracked radio from any device. And by allowing staff and on-air talent to manage operations and live radio from any device, anywhere, stations will save time, reduce complexity, and most importantly, deliver a seamless listening experience to their audience.”

To learn more about WO Automation for Radio Version 5.0’s new features and to see a live demo, join us for a webinar on March 9, 10am PST. Register Today.


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