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One Platform, Multiple Solutions: Group Voice Tracking in WO Automation for Radio

Efficiently manage the simultaneous creation of voice tracks for multiple stations

View this recorded webinar for an overview of WO Automation for Radio’s enhanced Group Voice Track functionality and its integration with WO Traffic.

In this webinar, our team shows you how Group Voice Tracking allows a single on-air talent to efficiently manage the simultaneous creation of voice tracks for an unlimited number of similarly formatted radio stations.

View the recording to discover how Group Voice Tracking can help you:

  • Organize similarly formatted stations into a Group
  • Record a single voice track and send it to all stations in the Group, or record different voice tracks for some stations in the Group
  • Record market-specific voice tracks when desired, and/or have different groups at different dates and times

You’ll also learn how enhancements to the integration between WO Automation for Radio and WO Traffic allow a live spot to be recorded into a voice track, then when the voice track plays, the live spot will automatically reconcile correctly in WO Traffic.

View the recording today to learn how Group Voice Tracking in WO Automation for Radio helps you save time and money.


William “Dub” Irvin
VP, WO Automation for Radio

William “Dub” Irvin is Vice President and chief architect of WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio. With a career in radio spanning more than 30 years, Dub has been a leader in the radio automation industry since 1991, first at Computer Concepts and later at Scott Studios, where he launched the DCS, Maestro, and SS32 products. At Google, he led the 2008 launch of Google Radio Automation, which was subsequently acquired by WideOrbit.

Rob Sidney
Sales Coordinator, WO Automation for Radio

Rob Sidney assists WO Automation for Radio Customers and provides support to our internal teams. His four decades of radio experience include roles as on-air talent, news director, chief engineer, program director, operations manager, and station owner. Most notably, Rob led Miami’s WLYF-FM (a WideOrbit Customer) through a quarter-century of ratings and revenue success. He joined WideOrbit in 2022.

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