Respond to an Expanding Digital Audio Landscape: How advertisers can reach growing audiences with automated buying

View this recorded webinar to learn how automation makes buying digital audio easier than ever.

Despite repeated predictions of its imminent demise – first at the hands of TV, then video, then the internet – radio is not dead. Far from it. Radio broadcasters and their advertisers still find themselves struggling to embrace an expanding landscape, full of technical complexities.

A recent Nielsen survey found that 83% of Americans are listening to as much or more radio as they were before COVID-19, but how those audiences are tuning in has changed. Digital audio, both streaming and on-demand, is on the rise, as more and more listeners tune in via mobile devices and smart speakers. 

But reaching those audiences depends on the ability to quickly and easily access, bid on, and buy available inventory.

In this webinar, hosted by Ad Age, WideOrbit and Magnite show you how with automation, buying and selling digital audio has never been easier.

With the right tools, advertisers can quickly:

  • Access available impressions from broadcast radio, pure-play stations, and podcast hosts
  • Build campaigns to target by station, format, genre, geography, demographic, and device
  • Access packaged inventory from multiple publishers, bundled based on geography, device type, or audience segment
  • Retrieve near real-time impression data upon confirmed, dynamic ad insertion, allowing for campaign optimization

On the sell-side, publishers can gain access to programmatic buyers, many for the first time, opening new sources of revenue, from premium brands delivering quality creative, without compromising user experience in the context of where and how they are listening.

And we’ll show you how you can do it quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.