Lesser-known features of WO Automation for Radio


Widen Your World: Lesser-known features of WO Automation for Radio

Uncover hidden efficiencies to get the most out of your automation system

View this recorded webinar to discover how lesser-known features of your WO Automation for Radio system can help you improve efficiency.

Our team shows you how leveraging features you may not be aware of can help you get the most out of WO Automation for Radio.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Media Importer, to save time by automating the import of recorded or syndicated content
  • Pitch Shifting, to give your station a brighter, more upbeat sound
  • How to change failover capabilities
  • The benefits of shared and group voice tracking across stations and markets

View the recording today to learn how lesser-known features in WO Automation for Radio can help you save time and money.


Rob Sidney
Sales Coordinator, WO Automation for Radio

Rob Sidney assists WO Automation for Radio Customers and provides support to our internal teams. His four decades of radio experience include roles as on-air talent, news director, chief engineer, program director, operations manager, and station owner. Most notably, Rob led Miami’s WLYF-FM (a WideOrbit Customer) through a quarter-century of ratings and revenue success. He joined WideOrbit in 2022.

Andrew Salive
Product Support Specialist, WO Automation for Radio

Andrew Salive is a member of our Product Support team for WO Automation for Radio. Based in Michigan’s Metro Detroit Area, he has more than 20 years of experience in the radio industry. He started his career as a staff engineer for Clear Channel Detroit before moving on to Ann Arbor to take over the role of Chief Engineer. He came to WideOrbit as an Implementation Specialist and now serves on our Support Team.

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