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WideOrbit Opens Programmatic TV Marketplace

WO Programmatic TV delivers efficiency and revenue to local broadcasting markets, automates transactions between stations and national marketers

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2015 ­– WideOrbit Inc., the leading provider of advertising management software for media companies, announced the launch of WO Programmatic TV, its end-to-end programmatic marketplace for transacting local broadcast television advertising. WideOrbit will demonstrate the programmatic sell-side exchange at the 2015 NAB Show as part of its expanded platform for managing media company operations.

WO Programmatic TV seamlessly blends traditional linear TV media sales practices with data-driven digital ad buying methods. It is developed to be the first fully-automated seller-controlled exchange connecting local broadcasters with new demand sources and offering revenue management tools for optimizing yields across direct and programmatic channels.

Designed to match marketers with local broadcast spot inventory at scale, WO Programmatic TV is the premier automated marketplace that enables digital demand-side platforms to make automated TV ad purchases. Participating sellers enjoy seamless transaction workflow for getting ads from proposal to air to billing that delivers a significant reduction in time spent on reconciliation and make-goods and streamlined processes for creative management, and revenue management across direct and programmatic sales channels.

WO Programmatic TV includes powerful yield management tools that give participating stations the power to retain full control of pricing floors and inventory allocation across direct and programmatic sales channels. It also honors all placement rules for delivery separation and automatic management of potential channel conflict across ads sold directly and through the exchange.

WO Programmatic TV brings a number of innovative features for simplifying local broadcast media transactions, including:

  • WO Programmatic TV – Seller is a console for broadcasters to access WideOrbit’s open programmatic marketplace and make informed decisions about offers. WO Programmatic TV – Seller offers sellers an unprecedented view of marketplace demand with direct sold deals and avails along with placement and exclusion rules.
  • WO Programmatic TV – Spot Bank enables fast, simple transfer of media content with powerful tracking and management tools. On the buy side, WO Programmatic TV – Spot Bank allows assigning of creatives and reviewing, and offers approval and transcoding on the sell side. WO Programmatic TV – Spot Bank is offered at no extra charge to either stations or ad buyers.

WO Programmatic TV is part of WideOrbit’s market-leading comprehensive platform for managing media operations. Installed at more than 70% of U.S. television stations, WideOrbit’s proven, industry-leading WO Traffic and WO Network platforms help media companies manage existing linear and emerging digital ad sales operations. Over $30 billion in annual advertising spend is managed with WideOrbit’s software, making WideOrbit the largest sell-side processer of premium advertising in the world.

“As the media business evolves, WideOrbit’s mission remains constant: make it easier to buy and sell media,” said Eric R. Mathewson, Founder and CEO of WideOrbit. “Broadcasters and brands will mutually benefit from the automation of complex transactions. Our broadcast partners get access to a new revenue stream while maintaining control of their inventory and yields, and national advertisers receive a fully-automated, data-supported method for engaging audiences that were previously difficult to reach.”

WO Programmatic TV will be unveiled at an informational session at the 2015 NAB Show on Monday, April 13 at 3:30-5:30pm in Room N239 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Those interested in attending may register at

WideOrbit will demonstrate its comprehensive platform for maximizing media company revenue and streamlining operations at the 2015 NAB Show, Booths N5229 and N5829 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 12-16.

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