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Eric founded WideOrbit in 1999 after realizing that there was an opportunity to dramatically streamline and automate the buying and selling of media. Prior to founding WideOrbit, Eric worked at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco and New York, managing portfolios for wealthy technologists as well as Kidder Peabody in Palo Alto, primarily focused on Equity Derivatives. Eric has been an active private equity technology investor since 1994 and maintains controlling ownership of WideOrbit. Prior to WideOrbit, Eric was an early investor in Infospace, Xoom (NBCi), CommerceBid (Commerce One) and OpenTable.com.

Bruce joined WideOrbit in 2000 and oversees all client-facing departments, including sales, operations, account management & support. Bruce is a broadcast television veteran who joined WideOrbit after more than 15 years with the ABC Owned and Operated Television Division. Prior to WideOrbit, Bruce was Executive Vice President of Sales for Salon.com. Before Salon, Bruce was General Sales Manager for KGO-TV in San Francisco as well as Sales Manager for KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Bruce began his career in media working for HRP and Blair.

Margaret joined WideOrbit in 2009 and is responsible for financial and administrative functions. Prior to joining WideOrbit, she was CFO at Red Condor and COO/CFO at Atom Entertainment. Margaret has more than 20 years of experience in finance, mergers and acquisitions with high tech companies including Macromedia, Cadence Design Systems and Hewlett-Packard.

Nathan joined WideOrbit in 2002 and is responsible for all installation, customer service and training. Nathan has worked for rapidly growing enterprise software companies for more than 25 years and brings to WideOrbit significant experience in managing the process of installation and training. Nathan spent ten years at Columbine Systems, where he managed support and services. He also managed support and services units for the Dutch-based Baan Company, Aurum Software, and Storage Technology.

Alec joined WideOrbit in 2011 and is responsible for all facets of the company’s information technology and systems, including strategy, infrastructure and hosting services. Alec comes to WideOrbit with more than 25 years of media industry expertise and technical leadership. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Alec served as Senior Vice President of Edge Technology Service’s Media Practice where he helped media executives drive sustainable IT strategies and maximize their technology investment. Before Edge Technology, Alec was Vice President of Professional Services at Harris Corporation where he was responsible for delivering Automation and Asset Management solutions to cable and broadcast television clients. Prior to Harris, Alec was Chief Information Officer at Fox Television Stations in Los Angeles.

Eric joined WideOrbit in 2001 and is responsible for all hardware integration and advanced systems development. Prior to WideOrbit, Eric co-founded OpenTable.com. Eric has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years. Before OpenTable, Eric ran a consulting company, building systems for Fortune 500 companies, including Safeway, Kraft, Silicon Graphics, Countrywide and the City of San Francisco.

Mike joined WideOrbit in 2004 and is responsible for Sales of WideOrbit products & services globally, as well as new market identification functions. Prior to WideOrbit, Mike worked as Sales Director for the Eastern US at Encoda (now Harris), in National Television Sales for Clear Channel’s Millennium Sales & Marketing, in Local Television Sales for Raycom’s KXRM & KXTU, and in Print Advertising Sales for The Colorado Springs Independent & The Eugene Register Guard. Mike has over 18 years in the advertising business, with the last 15 focused on the Broadcast industry.

Will joined WideOrbit in 2000 and is responsible for software development for WideOrbit’s flagship product line, WO Traffic . Prior to WideOrbit, Will was Co-Founder and CTO for WorthGuide.com. Before WorthGuide, he was Co-Founder and CTO of Castalia Technologies Inc. Will has more than 20 years of experience in software development, system design, client/server database development and network design.

Brian joined WideOrbit in 2014 to be the global leader of its Digital and Programmatic business. As a pioneer of the digital advertising industry, Brian is responsible for many significant innovations and patents. He was a founding member of Microsoft AdCenter, the second-largest paid search marketplace, and Chief Technology Officer at AdECN, the first Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange. Brian was also Chief Technology Officer at PrecisionDemand (acquired by AOL), where he developed advanced targeting methods and ROI measurement for television advertising, and Senior Vice President of Technology at Specific Media, which became the largest independent online advertising network under his leadership.

Steve joined WideOrbit in 2014 to lead European sales and operations for WideOrbit Programmatic and oversee WideOrbit’s European subsidiaries, Fivia and Admeta. He was most recently Chief Technology Officer of online data management platform Visual DNA. Steve was also SVP Engineering at Specific Media, where he was the architect of the ad-serving platform underpinning one of the largest independent global ad networks. In earlier roles, his projects included development one of Europe’s first behavioral and contextual ad targeting technologies and methodologies for bringing credit agency data online for ad targeting.

Ian is responsible for overseeing the development of WideOrbit’s Programmatic TV Ad Exchange. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Ian was Director of Engineering at a startup focusing on using programmatic techniques for the financial industry. An experienced ad technologist, Ian spent a decade at Microsoft where he owned building the Windows Ads-in-Apps ad solution for Microsoft Display Advertising business and was the chief architect for the Microsoft Ad Exchange, the first RTB exchange. Ian also led engineering teams focused on Paid Search in Microsoft AdCenter.

Susie joined WideOrbit in 2014 and is responsible for driving revenue and product development for the company’s radio solutions division. Susie brings more than 15 years of experience in broadcast radio software. Prior to WideOrbit, Susie was the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Marketron where she was also responsible for leading the company’s corporate partner strategy. Susie began her career in media software as a support and implementation specialist before moving into product management and eventually business development and sales.

Vijay joined WideOrbit in 2011 and is leading the San Francisco-based engineering teams focused on business analytics and yield optimization. Vijay comes to WideOrbit with more than 25 years of diverse software development and senior management experience, with a strong background in developing solutions that automate complex business processes and high value business analytics. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Vijay served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Vendavo Inc. in Palo Alto, California. Prior to Vendavo, Vijay was the Director of Enterprise Integration Products division at Borland International in Scotts Valley, California where he managed development, maintenance and QA.

Armine joined WideOrbit in 2011 and is responsible for researching and developing new areas of business for the company, establishing strategic partnerships and driving new business.

Alec joined WideOrbit in 2014 to lead its corporate development activity. Throughout his career, Alec has worked with global technology companies ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to start-up businesses. His career highlights include leading successful exits as CFO at Confluence Solar and Solar Implant Technologies; two years as Vice President of Risk Management at Asyst Technologies, Inc., where he organized and led SOX and Internal Audit compliance programs; and many years leading Applied Materials’ Corporate Development efforts as its Managing Director of New Business Development.

Rob joined WideOrbit as part of the Abacast acquisition in June, 2014. Rob joined Abacast in 2007 and served as CEO since October 2010. He brought the company through what he referred to as its re-launch in 2012. Rob brings over 20 years of senior management experience with industry leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Nine Systems, Buy DRM, Imagine Communications, and Sterling Commerce (IBM).

Mark joined WideOrbit in 2009, with the acquisition of Google Radio Automation, and has oversight of all WideOrbit products advancing the Radio industry. Mark brings more than 20 years of traditional radio, automation and radio traffic software experience to WideOrbit. Prior to the acquisition, Mark managed the radio operations and technical teams for Google. He has held key managerial positions at Wicks Broadcast Solutions (now Marketron) overseeing the Visual Traffic product, and has an extensive background in radio automation products dating back to the late 90s.

Alexander joined WideOrbit as part of the Admeta acquisition in July 2014. Alexander joined Admeta in 2011, first serving as head of European Sales & Business Development, then as Chief Revenue Officer before being appointed CEO in October 2013. Alexander is an entrepreneur that is passionate about digital technology with significant experience in corporate management, leadership and business development. Previously, Alexander held senior management and business development roles at If P&C Insurance and was a senior sales consultant manager at the Meltwater Group.

Ola joined WideOrbit as part of the Admeta acquisition in July 2014. Ola joined Admeta in 2007 and served as head of IT and R&D, COO and CEO before being appointed CTO in October 2013. Ola is a passionate technology leader with deep experience building and leading world class R&D teams in highly innovative and competitive companies. Ola began his career as a software engineer at Volvo, was Director of R&D at Carmen Systems AB and CTO at Todos Data Systems AB before joining Admeta.

Geoffroy joined WideOrbit in 2014 as part of its acquisition of Fivia. Geoffroy brings more than 15+ years of experience in Ad Technology and an entrepreneurial spirit to WideOrbit. Since co-founding Fivia in 1999, he has served as its co-CEO and continues to lead the Fivia AdFront business unit today. In 2008, he launched Fivia’s United States presence and lived in New York for three years. Before founding Fivia, he received advanced degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering.

Ashley joined WideOrbit in 2013 and manages all aspects of WO Network. Ashley brings over 25 years of experience in the media software industry to WideOrbit. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Ashley served as Senior Vice President of Client Services at Invision with responsibility for implementations, account management, training and support. Ashley started his career in the media industry at CBS where he spent 13 years managing the application development group responsible for the development and support of the in-house sales and traffic systems for the O&O stations.

Don joined WideOrbit in 2008 and manages WideOrbit’s Program Management efforts. Don has more than 20 years of ad sales, traffic and program management software experience in the media industry. Prior to WideOrbit, Don held the position of Director of Business Development at Pilat Media where he was responsible for managing the global pre-sales team, market and business analysis. Before Pilat, Don managed Columbine’s (now Harris) International Business Development team and began his career at Columbine in training and implementation.

Phyllis joined WideOrbit in 2013 and oversees the business operations of the WO Media Sales division. With more than 24 years of experience in television, radio, and agency media research, Phyllis bring a wealth of marketing and operations management expertise to WideOrbit. Phyllis has held key positions at such companies as Arbitron, TAPSCAN, TVSCAN, Cerner, and Intermark Group. Phyllis also owned a successful business creating social media and digital advertising strategies for B2B companies.

Sean joined WideOrbit in 2011 and oversees all aspects of WO Programmatic – TV . Sean brings more than 16 years of traditional, emerging media and entertainment sales to WideOrbit. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Sean served as Vice President of Sales at Myxer, a mobile technology company that operates the largest mobile entertainment site in the U.S. Before Myxer, Sean held senior executive roles at Discovery Communications, Career Sports and Entertainment and HowStuffWorks, an edutainment website. He also held key sales positions at TeleRep, a division of Cox Broadcasting in New York; WGNX-TV/CBS, a Tribune Broadcasting station in Atlanta; and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Jeff Trott joined WideOrbit in 2010 and manages WideOrbit’s Emerging Media division with a focus on Web, Mobile and Social mediums. Jeff came to WideOrbit with over 13 years of corporate level IT and Operations experience in the TV and Radio Broadcast industries, as well as several years of experience as the Director of Ad Operations for 45 websites where his team was responsible for accurate delivery of over a billion ad impressions annually. Prior to entering the broadcast industry directly, Jeff also owned a successful business of his own selling and supporting digital video editing systems to Agencies and Broadcast clients.

Charles joined WideOrbit in 2012, with the acquisition of OneDomain Inc.  and oversees all aspects of WO Media Sales. Charles brings more than 27 years of television, radio, and agency media research and sales system development experience to WideOrbit. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Charles served as CEO  and one of the founders of OneDomain Inc., a media sales and research software company, and was Senior Vice President of Development at TvScan Inc. Charles was one of the principle developers of the Qualitap qualitative research system, TvScan Sales and Research System (later known as Marketron Tv Sales) , and most recently the MediaOffice Sales and Research system, now known as WideOrbit’s WO Media Sales, which has more than a 75% market share within the television industry.