WO Media Sales + WO Traffic Webinar


Widen Your World: WO Media Sales + WO Traffic

The perfect match for streamlined TV ad proposals and sales

View this recorded webinar to learn how WO Media Sales empowers sales teams to build both linear and digital proposals by leveraging real-time account information, inventory availability, audience research, and delivery metrics.

Our team demonstrates how WO Media Sales works seamlessly with WO Traffic to help you:

  • Improve proposal quality with real-time WO Traffic data:
    • Gain visibility into inventory capacity to see real-time advertising unit availability​
    • Easily view historical rates while building avails and packages without going into other systems​
  • Save time with a streamlined order process:​
    • Access relevant account data from both systems with profile synchronization​
    • Reduce the need for manual data entry by creating orders in WO Traffic directly from proposals created in WO Media Sales
  • Get the full picture:​
    • Understand where ad spots are running and how they’re performing in real-time​
    • Aggregate delivery analysis across multiple orders

View the recording today to discover how WO Media Sales and WO Traffic work together to save you time and increase revenue.


James “Jamie” Bolton
Sales Director

James “Jamie” Bolton is a Sales Director for WideOrbit, bringing more than 21 years of experience to the software business. Prior to WideOrbit, Jamie worked for OneDomain as an Account Executive covering the Southwest Region. During his early years in the media business, he worked in Traffic, Promotions, Film, Programming, and Sales/Research for companies like Tribune, Paramount, and CBS.

Rick Dorn
Sales Director

Rick Dorn is Sales Director, TV, at WideOrbit. Before joining WideOrbit in 2012, Rick was the Northeast Regional Manager for OneDomain Inc. and a Senior Account Manager at TvSCAN. Rick has over 25 years of experience in broadcast television and is dedicated to helping TV professionals find the best solutions to set their businesses up for success.

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