Widen Your World: WO Traffic + WO Automation for Radio

How to improve efficiency with integrated traffic and automation systems

View this recorded webinar to learn how integrated traffic and automation systems create a centralized workflow. Instead of moving between unconnected systems to repeat tasks multiple times, sometimes requiring multiple people, this integration allows a single person to perform the work once, all in one place. We demonstrate six major processes the integration streamlines, including:

  • Dub-list widget
  • Real-time sync of commercial run dates between WO Traffic and WO Automation for Radio
  • Purge list functionality
  • Real-time integration of live reads between WO Traffic and WO Automation for Radio
  • Real-time reconciliation from WO Automation for Radio to WO Traffic
  • Real-time playlist editing in WO Traffic using Live Log Edits


William “Dub” Irvin
VP, WO Automation for Radio

William “Dub” Irvin is Vice President and chief architect of WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio. With a career in Radio spanning more than 30 years, Dub has been a leader in the Radio automation industry since 1991, first at Computer Concepts and later at Scott Studios, where he launched the DCS, Maestro, and SS32 products. At Google, he led the 2008 launch of Google Radio Automation, which was subsequently acquired by WideOrbit.

Jessica Bogerman
Integration Specialist

Jessica Bogerman began her career at WideOrbit 13 years ago as a WO Traffic Implementation Specialist, implementing both radio and TV clients. She recently transitioned to the role of Integration Specialist and now works with radio clients implementing the integration between WO Traffic and WO Automation for Radio, including working with clients such as Entercom, Hearst, Radio One, Summit Media, and Kansas City Public Radio. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Jessica worked in the Traffic department at a local TV station.

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