Widen Your World: WO Traffic – Export G/L

Save significant time with automated data export specific to your G/L system

View this recorded webinar to discover how the Export G/L module for WO Traffic makes it easy to map, customize, and export transactions to your general ledger system of choice.

​Our team will demonstrate how Export G/L works seamlessly with your financial system to help you:

  • Improve efficiency with automated data export that meets file specifications for your G/L system
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Aggregate revenue categories to meet reporting needs

View the recording today to discover how the Export G/L module for WO Traffic can save you hours of time every month.

Linda Holbrook
Manager, Financial Implementation & Product Support

Linda Holbrook manages the Financial Implementation & Support team for all of WideOrbit’s Traffic products and WO Payments Suite. Originally from Ohio, Linda is a graduate of Marietta College (BS) and Indiana State University (MS). Linda currently resides in rural Arizona where she spends much of her free time riding her Harley-Davidson Heritage 114. She is also a world-renowned hand model.

Vicki Knox
Senior Sales Engineer

Vicki Knox is a Senior Sales Engineer based in London, UK. In her role, Vicki supports WideOrbit’s sales team in the international markets, demonstrating the product ranges across TV, radio, and digital organizations. Vicki has previously worked for similar software vendors and comes from a television broadcasting background, working across programming, sales, and traffic operations departments.

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