WO Network + Digital Orders Webinar


Widen Your World: WO Network – Digital Orders + WO Ad eXchange

How national networks can maximize revenue through OTT monetization

View this recorded webinar to learn how the increasing number of consumers cutting the cord with cable TV is creating a unique opportunity for networks to sell their digital inventory through Over-the-Top (OTT) services, such as Apple TV+, Samsung TV, and Roku.

In this webinar, we show you how WO Network – Digital Orders and WO Ad eXchange fit into a comprehensive strategy for maximizing OTT digital video revenue. We address the current challenges of the OTT space for national TV networks and how our solutions can help simplify and streamline digital video ad operations.


Phil Antonson
Senior Sales Director, WO Network

Phil Antonson, Senior Sales Director at WideOrbit, helps many of the largest U.S. media companies navigate significant operational change through workflow improvements and data analytics. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Phil headed business development and sales for the Media division at Management Science Associates, Inc.

Marcy Dean
Sales Engineer

Marcy Dean is a Sales Engineer at WideOrbit, where she showcases WideOrbit’s solutions to prospects and clients via product demonstration and discussions. Prior to WideOrbit, she managed The Weather Channel’s sales and traffic systems for eight years and launched digital advertising products for a global travel reservation system. Marcy is IAB-certified in Digital Media Sales.

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