WO Automation for Radio v5.0 Webinar


Widen Your World: WO Automation for Radio v5.0

Discover fully remote station operations without compromise

View this recorded webinar to learn how WO Automation for Radio v5.0 can help you manage station operations from anywhere, on nearly any device. As working remotely becomes the new normal, radio stations require the ability to manage operations from any location, including from home, without compromising functionality or efficiency. In this webinar, we’ll show you how WO Automation for Radio v5.0 makes it easy for broadcasters of any size to deliver compelling programming with native desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) and mobile (iOS) apps to support all operating models – live-assist, fully automated, and everything in between – even with entirely remote operations.

Access the recording today to discover how WO Automation for Radio v5.0 allows for full control of the automation system from anywhere with an internet connection, including remote voice tracking capabilities to provide at-home or on-the-go capabilities to equal the in-studio experience. 


William “Dub” Irvin
VP, WO Automation for Radio

William “Dub” Irvin is Vice President and chief architect of WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio. With a career in Radio spanning more than 30 years, Dub has been a leader in the Radio automation industry since 1991, first at Computer Concepts and later at Scott Studios, where he launched the DCS, Maestro, and SS32 products. At Google, he led the 2008 launch of Google Radio Automation, which was subsequently acquired by WideOrbit.

Danny Tankersley
VP Sales, Radio

Danny Tankersley is the Vice President of Radio Sales at WideOrbit. Before joining WideOrbit in 2007, Danny was the Group Sales Manager at Wicks Broadcast Solutions. With over 25 years of enterprise technology and media experience, Danny is dedicated to helping broadcasters find the best solutions to set their businesses up for success.

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