Widen your World: WO Automation for Radio for Small Business

Cost effective solutions to streamline station operations

Let’s face it – we all know WideOrbit is primarily known as the leading radio automation solution for large businesses.

We’re proud of that but we’re equally proud of the fact that smaller stations can also enjoy the benefits of WO Automation for Radio to keep their listeners engaged. And it’s more affordable than you may think.

View this recorded webinar to discover how WO Automation for Radio can help your station streamline operations, both in-studio and remotely, to deliver compelling programming more easily.

In this webinar, we discuss current trends in the radio industry and how they may be impacting your small business. We show you how WO Automation for Radio can help your station:

  • Do more with less, streamlining workflows even on a limited budget
  • Simplify station operations both in-studio and when broadcasting remotely, without increasing headcount
  • Improve efficiency with time-saving features such as Media Asset Importer, Voice-Over Settings, Audio Finder, and more

We also show you how easy WO Automation for Radio is to set up, to learn, and to use, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

View the recording today to learn how WO Automation for Radio is a cost-effective solution for broadcasters of any size to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


William “Dub” Irvin
VP, WO Automation for Radio

William “Dub” Irvin is Vice President and chief architect of WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio. With a career in radio spanning more than 30 years, Dub has been a leader in the radio automation industry since 1991, first at Computer Concepts and later at Scott Studios, where he launched the DCS, Maestro, and SS32 products. At Google, he led the 2008 launch of Google Radio Automation, which was subsequently acquired by WideOrbit.

Andrew Salive
Product Support Specialist, WO Automation for Radio

Andrew Salive is a member of our Product Support team for WO Automation for Radio. Based in Michigan’s Metro Detroit Area, he has more than 20 years of experience in the radio industry. He started his career as a staff engineer for Clear Channel Detroit before moving on to Ann Arbor to take over the role of Chief Engineer. He came to WIdeOrbit as an Implementation Specialist and now serves on our Support Team.

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