Widen Your World: Security Privileges in WO Network

Reduce liability, prevent errors, and limit access to your data with security-focused settings

In this webinar, we’ll show you settings in WO Network for better user-access management.

Many security settings in WO Network can be intricate and are often set once and then forgotten. Frequent review is critical to ensuring your settings align with your current business requirements regarding access and compliance.

In this webinar, our team will highlight security settings that will help networks better manage what users can and can’t do within the application, including:

  • Security Groups, including best practices and strategy
  • Settings that safeguard against user error or control workflow
  • Global Grid Styles, Global Reports, and Entrustments

Register today to learn how a variety of settings in WO Network can help you better manage your user permissions and workflows.

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT


Kasey McCormick Lyding
Manager, Implementation – WO Network

Kasey McCormick Lyding leads the WO Network Implementation team. She has been with WideOrbit for eight years, leading multiple projects to help network customers transition onto the WO Network platform. With an emphasis on consultation and training, she enjoys the challenge of finding creative solutions for clients while giving them the best possible experience as they navigate change. Prior to WideOrbit, Kasey gained valuable industry experience at Viacom, in the cable network space, and at PBS, in the local station space.

Erica Haavig
Implementation Specialist – WO Network

Erica Haavig has been with WideOrbit for almost seven years, working on multiple projects to help network customers transition onto the WO Network platform. Prior to WideOrbit, Erica was Director, Pricing/Planning & Traffic at Big Ten Network, and before that had gained valuable industry experience at Fox Sports Bay Area and Fox Sports Chicago.