One Platform, Multiple Solutions: WO Traffic + Radio Integrations

How to streamline radio operations with third-party integrations

View this recorded webinar to discover how WO Traffic for Radio integrates seamlessly with third-party products to consolidate radio sales and operations workflows. We’ll show you how integration with systems you already use can save you time and money by automating both processes and data exchange.

Learn how integrations can help create centralized workflows, so you can stop moving between unconnected systems to repeat tasks multiple times. We offer over 300 integrations to consolidate a variety of radio-specific processes, including integrations that help radio broadcasters:

  • Simplify reporting and revenue capture
  • Streamline production and continuity workflows, including copy instructions, dub and production requests, and audio storage
  • Reduce manual effort and duplicate data entry to improve accuracy
  • Improve client relationships with simplified sales account management
  • Streamline data exchange with API-based integrations between WO Traffic and third-party systems

Access the recording to discover how WO Traffic’s radio integrations can save you both time and money.


Danny Tankersley
VP Sales, Radio

Danny Tankersley is the Vice President of Radio Sales at WideOrbit. Before joining WideOrbit in 2013, Danny was the Group Sales Manager at Wicks Broadcast Solutions. With over 25 years of enterprise technology and media experience, Danny is dedicated in helping broadcasters find the best solutions to set their businesses up for success.

Christine Kovacs Forster
Director, Sales Engineering

Christine oversees technical sales operations at WideOrbit. Prior to joining WideOrbit in 2007, Christine held various sales roles at Comcast, CBS Radio, FOX TV Detroit, and Cumulus Broadcasting. As the Director of Sales Engineering, Christine leads an international team of Sales Engineers who specialize in all areas of the media industry. Together we present solutions that drive millions of dollars in new revenues, penetrate and grow new markets and propel media organizations to the next level of performance, efficiency, and profitability.

Carrie Neville
Account Executive, Radio

As an Account Executive, Carrie handles the software and system needs of some of our largest radio clients. Prior to joining WideOrbit, Carrie spent over 12 years at Marketron, where she held several different positions. She has spent the last seven years in her favorite role, working directly with clients to identify solutions that will help meet their business needs.

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