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One Platform, Multiple Solutions: Digital Suite for Audio

How to extend reach and increase revenue with tools built for digital audio

View this recorded webinar to learn how WideOrbit’s Digital Suite can help you manage, monetize, and measure digital audio content.

As mobile devices, smart speakers, and connected cars give audiences access to audio content anytime, anywhere, monetizing that content across multiple formats, platforms, and devices becomes increasingly difficult. WideOrbit’s Digital Suite provides the technical infrastructure to make it easier to optimize revenue, increase listenership, and extend content from linear broadcast to digital listening platforms.

Get a Wider World working for you.

Note: In October 2021, Audacy Inc. acquired an exclusive, perpetual license of WideOrbit’s digital audio streaming and podcasting technology. Audacy will continue to operate this technology under the name AmperWave.

The features and benefits described in this webinar apply equally to AmperWave, including seamless integration with WO Ad eXchange.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact us. For questions about AmperWave, please contact Audacy directly.


John Morris
SVP, Streaming
Audacy AmperWave

Currently SVP, Streaming at Audacy, John Morris was formerly Vice President of Streaming and On-Demand at WideOrbit. He joined WideOrbit in 2014 through the acquisition of Abacast, Inc., where he served as CTO and Co-President. With almost 20 years’ experience building solutions to help broadcasters and publishers monetize their digital content, John holds numerous related patents.

Marcy Dean
Sales Engineer

Marcy Dean is a Sales Engineer at WideOrbit, where she showcases WideOrbit’s solutions to prospects and clients via product demonstration and discussions. Prior to WideOrbit, she managed The Weather Channel’s sales and traffic systems for eight years and launched digital advertising products for a global travel reservation system. Marcy is IAB-certified in Digital Media Sales.

Dana Murphy
Sales Director
Audacy AmperWave

Dana Murphy assists broadcasters and content creators with monetizing their digital offerings. Before joining WideOrbit as a Sales Manager, Dana was Sales Manager for RCS (a division of iHeart Radio), Fox News Radio & Westwood One, as well as holding positions at Katz Media Group and Interep. Dana is a member of The Alliance for Women in Media and currently serves as the President of the Oswego Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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