Demystifying Digital Audio Webinar


WideOrbit + Local Media Association: Demystifying Digital Audio 

In this recorded webinar, Audacy’s John Morris, SVP, Streaming, and Lindsay Grant, VP, Marketing, plus Corey Elliot from Borrell Associates Inc, discuss audience growth in streaming audio and how broadcasters can capitalize on the revenue opportunities that growth represents. They provide an overview of the current landscape and a breakdown of audio categories, from terrestrial and streaming terrestrial to pureplay streaming stations.

Sponsored by WideOrbit and hosted by the Local Media Association, this webinar also includes an overview of device consumption categories – radio, mobile, smart speaker, car audio – including audience and revenue trends. John, Lindsay, and Corey, also discuss streaming opportunities for non-radio content producers.

View the recording today to discover how you can maximize the revenue potential of digital audio.

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Date and Time:

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at 10 am PT 


John Morris
SVP, Streaming

John Morris, SVP, Streaming at Audacy, recently joined the Audacy team, following Audacy’s acquisition of an exclusive license of WideOrbit’s digital audio streaming technology and operations in October 2021. Prior to moving over to Audacy, he was responsible for Streaming, Podcasting, and Programmatic Digital products at WideOrbit. John joined WideOrbit in 2014 through the acquisition of Abacast, Inc., where he served as CTO and Co-President. With nearly 20 years of experience building solutions to help broadcasters and publishers monetize their digital content, John holds numerous related patents.

Corey Elliot
EVP of Local Market Intelligence
Borrell Associates Inc.

Corey joined Borrell Associates in 2014.  Prior to Borrell, he was director of market intelligence at Gannett Co. Inc., where he managed the dissemination of market data and strategy to more than 80 local media properties. At The Dallas Morning News, he led a B2B research team that helped create campaigns based on household-level consumer habits and clients’ own databases. His application of research as well as generation-based training programs have garnered awards from secondary research companies and were considered a Best Practice by Gannett Community Publishing. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University.

Lindsay Grant
VP, Marketing

Lindsay Grant, VP, Marketing at Audacy, joined the Audacy team in 2020, where she’s driving digital audience acquisition and audio consumption of Audacy’s 1000+ stations and podcasts, across app, web, and smart speakers. Prior to joining Audacy, Lindsay held positions with Intel Sports, the NBA, and the NHL, directing customer acquisition teams, managing integrated marketing programs, and creating digital experiences for sports properties and top consumer brands.