Programmatic TV Buyers

WO Programmatic TV lets advertisers use the power of data-driven audience targeting and process automation to run incredibly effective campaigns on the world’s most powerful ad medium. Our programmatic TV solution helps brands and agencies address fragmentation, audience targeting, and efficiency.

By integrating with the broadcast TV industry’s most widely-installed traffic software, WO Programmatic TV directly connects ad buyers with TV stations. The result is streamlined, end-to-end workflow for everyone involved in the media buying process.
Solutions for Advertisers and Agencies

WideOrbit and Mediaocean Partner to Improve Avails Responses, Proposals, and More

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Get the reach, targetability, and brand safety of TV

Largest source of inventory

Reach over 110 million or 96% of United States households with access to premium inventory from more than 1,000 broadcast TV stations.

Brand safety

TV is the ultimate in premium video. You'll know exactly when and where your spots ran in real-time.

Simple & effective

Make offers to hundreds of stations simultaneously on a single order. Optimize campaigns as results come in.

Programmatic TV Ad Buying Models

Whether you want to extend a video campaign across media platforms, place an opportunistic TV spot buy or streamline an existing partnership, WideOrbit offers a buying model that will work for you.
Supported Programmatic Ad Buying Styles

Open Marketplace

Secure spots directly from stations as little as 7 days from air and optimize campaigns mid-flight based on performance. Spots aren’t guaranteed until an offer is accepted by the seller.

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Programmatic Direct

Automate traditional TV buying workflows including avail requests, responses, proposals, negotiation, orders, stewardship, and creative. This guaranteed buying model is perfect for buyers who have pre-existing business terms with TV stations.

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API Integrations

Bring TV inventory from more than 1,000 stations into any buying console. DSPs and other technology partners can integrate with TV station inventory through our API.

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Programmatic TV for Buyers

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