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Media companies are challenged by increased operational complexity in an ever-changing industry. New technology, platforms, and consumer behaviours contribute to that complexity even as they present new and different revenue opportunities.
WO Traffic International is a customised version of WideOrbit’s industry-leading ad traffic software, WO Traffic, specifically tailored to meet the business needs of global media companies with regional requirements. An end-to-end solution built for the changing media landscape, WO Traffic International makes it easy to manage, execute, and optimise ad sales for any media type. Organizations can centralise media operations on a shared technology platform, with integrated solutions for comprehensive proposal and order management, including digital workflows.

WO Traffic International allows you to:

Find peace of mind with the stability and reliability of a proven and trusted solution

Reduce both risks and costs associated with integrating multiple, disparate solutions

Improve efficiencies by centralising digital and linear ad operations

A solid foundation for your Sales, Traffic, and Finance operations

  • Sales

    Rate Cards and Ratings Estimates,
    Proposal and Order Management

  • Traffic

    Log Preparation and Reconciliation,
    Ad Copy Management

  • Finance

    Credit Management,
    Billing and Accounts Receivable

  • General Features

    Real-Time Reports,
    Robust Security and Auditing,
    Multi-Currency and Language

Meet Placer, WO Traffic International’s Dynamic Ad Decisioning Engine

WO Traffic International’s Placer determines optimal ad placement based on a wide set of variables.

Customisable logic configurations to best match your business needs and constraints.
Provides both horizontal and vertical rotations.
Optimises spot placement for all advertisers, avoiding unfavourable positions and respecting conflicts.
Replicates and automates manual decisions, allowing users to focus on exceptions.

Available With

WO Airtimes

This product provides automated, electronic delivery of airtimes data from WO Traffic to buyers, system-to-system, providing the buyer with actionable insight into campaign performance, including giving TV credit for driving online traffic.

WO Analytics

Built for the media industry, WO Analytics delivers actionable insights to improve pricing, revenue and sales performance. Choose from our on-prem or cloud solutions depending on your unique business needs.

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WO Automation for Radio

Today’s distributed operations demand a strong, flexible and user-friendly automation system to keep listeners engaged around the clock. WO Automation for Radio makes it easy to program and optimize content and ads while simplifying workflow and reducing costs.

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WO Order Connect

Managing orders by email requires manual re-keying that is time consuming and error-prone. WO Order Connect provides a direct connection between WO Traffic and buy-side systems, including Mediaocean and Hudson MX, Freewheel and ITN, allowing sellers to manage orders and makegoods electronically.

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WO Payments Suite

WO Payments Suite provides the much-needed A/R management tools to increase on time payments of invoices, reduce financial operating costs, and facilitate consistent best practices – all designed for the media industry.

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WO Program

Manage the distribution and access of content on any platform–whether linear or digital. WO Program centralizes every step of programming and rights management from production and acquisition to scheduling and transmission.

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WideOrbit Cloud

WideOrbit Cloud is a fully hosted network service providing a completely secure and optimized environment for your WideOrbit software, without the operational maintenance costs and headaches of managing it yourself.

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