WO Programmatic TV

For Sellers

TV stations and networks have some of the most premium advertising inventory in the world. However, fragmentation and manual workflows can limit demand opportunities and negatively impact value. Now you have three ways to sell your inventory.

Automated TV advertising

Increase efficiency

Integration with WO Traffic and WO
enables end-to-end automation.
Easily manage programmatic campaigns
within the seller console and access data
tools to inform decisions.

New demand

Instantly reach more buyers across the
country. Since the platform is suitable
for all types of buyers, sellers can
centralize decision-making to increase
competition for inventory.

Maintain control

Ultimately, it is up to the seller whether
to accept a bid or an order from a buyer.
Sellers are not required to accommodate
any business they do not approve.

Three unique options for selling your inventory with WO Programmatic TV:

Open Marketplace

Opportunistic buying approach. View and accept bids at your discretion with the option to pre-empt.


End-to-end automation of the traditional TV workflow including avail requests, offers, proposals, orders and creative.


Connects buyer platforms with seller inventory. APIs include Google DoubleClick, other DSPs and direct response systems.

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