WO Digital Hub

WO Digital Hub is a robust order management system that helps publishers manage the entire ad sales cycle from opportunity and order to invoice and analysis. Our solution is perfect for publishers with multiple ad servers, outlets and properties and who need to track orders, order lines and traffic across multiple systems. 

Streamline workflow from proposal to billing

Simplified Ad Operations

Manage sales, ad operations, and finance from a single interface. Automate order push, pricing rules, proposal approvals, and reporting.

Flexible Integrations

Integrate with Google DFP and major ad servers, CRM tools, accounting systems, data warehouses, and programmatic platforms.

Optimized Yield

Uncover the most profitable ways to bundle inventory.

Cross-Media Campaign Management

Manage print and digital together in the same system.

Streamlined billing

Simplify billing and reconciliation with invoices generated and delivered directly from the system.

Centralized Business Information

Provide company-wide access to product catalog, inventory avails, approvals, sales and delivery data, and rate cards.

Performance and Revenue Reporting

Generate revenue forecasts and reports on product and package performance.

Customizable Dashboards

Access key performance indicators with built-in and fully customizable dashboards.

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