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WideOrbit and Dial Report Team Up to Prove Radio’s Power to Drive Consumer Action

SAN FRANCISCO, August 1, 2018 ­– WideOrbit and TagStation, LLC, the owner of Dial Report®, are collaborating to help radio stations and groups deliver metrics to ad buyers on actions taken by consumers as a result of radio advertising.

WideOrbit will make broadcast log data from participating station groups available to Dial Report, the industry-leading radio attribution platform, through the WO Data API. The data integration will allow radio stations to directly associate advertising air times with consumer actions like web visits and increases in foot traffic.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to combine our traffic data and third-party attribution analysis capabilities to generate campaign effectiveness metrics on radio advertising,” said Tim Murphy, Senior Vice President, Corporate Business Development at Entercom. “Data partnerships like this one will help us enhance the status of radio in the marketing mix and strengthen the entire industry in the competition against other media forms for ad dollars.”

Powered by the NextRadio® mobile app and radio station apps, Dial Report measures radio performance directly from radio station playout systems.

“Advertisers know that radio is effective, but it’s always been challenging to clearly attribute results to campaigns,” said Paul Brenner, President for TagStation, LLC, the company behind the Dial Report. “By working with WideOrbit, we can provide radio stations with clear, undeniable proof that shows the value of radio advertising and return on marketing investment.”

WideOrbit’s WO Traffic is widely used throughout the broadcast radio and television industries to sell, manage, and invoice advertising inventory. Its customers include major radio station groups like Entercom and Cumulus Media.

“Our mission is to help media companies maximize the value of their inventory. A huge part of that is to assure that media sellers can demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising investments,” said Eric R. Mathewson, Founder and CEO at WideOrbit. “That’s why we’re especially happy to work with Dial Report to connect radio ads with consumer actions. Stations that take advantage of this partnership will be able to deliver a new level of accountability that benefits marketers, agencies and broadcasters alike.”

Stations or groups that would like to make their WideOrbit logs available for attribution reporting should email support@dialreport.comand a member of the Dial Report team will facilitate the process.

About WideOrbit
WideOrbit is the technology platform for media companies to connect audiences and ads, everywhere. Its mission is to simplify media buying and selling by focusing on innovation, customer delight, and value creation for both sides of media transactions. Starting with its core traffic management solution, WideOrbit centralizes operations and streamlines workflows for radio, cable, and television companies. The company continues to introduce new benefits to the media industry, including a programmatic media exchange for increasing demand for advertising inventory and improving campaign efficiency.

WideOrbit is headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide. Customers include NBCUniversal, Tribune Media, Entercom Communications, Raycom Media, TEGNA, AMC Networks and many other top media companies around the world. Learn more at

About Dial Report®, powered by TagStation, LLC
TagStation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corporation. TagStation’s cloud service provides radio station data to the NextRadio®App and the Dial Report portal. Developed by the industry for the industry, Dial Report is the only first-party attribution and listener intelligence platform measuring the performance of radio. Founded in 2013, TagStation, LLC is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with offices in Indianapolis and Chicago, IL. For more information about TagStation®, visit For more information about the Dial Report, visit

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