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See the First-Ever Programmatic Super Bowl TV Ad

As we announced last Friday, WO Programmatic – TV delivered the world’s first-ever programmatic ad during the Super Bowl telecast. WICU-NBC-TV of Erie, Pennsylvania ran

Castfire’s on-demand publishing platform joins WideOrbit

It just got a lot easier for networks and broadcasters to make money from on-demand content. WideOrbit has added Castfire, the top publishing platform for

A Closer Look at the WideOrbit – TubeMogul Alliance

WideOrbit EVP Digital and Programmatic Brian Burdick offers perspective on our programmatic efforts to date, our partnership with TubeMogul, and what it means for broadcasters:

Introducing the World’s First Programmatic Marketplace for Broadcast TV Ads

WideOrbit and TubeMogul are debuting a collaboration on technology that will change the way TV ads are purchased and sold. Sellers of broadcast TV ads