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March 1, 2016

Political Campaigns Should Endorse Programmatic TV

TV remains voters’ top choice for impact and awareness of political messages; Digital inventory is scarce and risky Every week between today’s Super Tuesday elections

February 17, 2016

Three Reasons to Start Buying Programmatic TV Today

Digital ad buyers are starting to give serious consideration to Programmatic TV as a great option for boosting reach and brand visibility. A big driving

January 14, 2016

Deal ID: The Best of Digital Ad Buying Comes to Linear TV

Last weekend we rolled out an important new feature in WO Programmatic: Deal ID. Much more than a serial number, the implementation of Deal ID

December 9, 2015

3 Ways WO Programmatic TV Streamlines Station Operations

When we kicked off WO Programmatic TV development, we tapped our 16 years of broadcast workflow experience to ask what traffic professionals would want in

October 5, 2015

WideOrbit Rocks Radio Show 2015 and RAIN Summit

We are just back from the 2015 Radio Show and the RAIN Summit. A crew of WideOrbiters spent a week in Atlanta meeting customers, speaking

September 27, 2015

Interview: WideOrbit’s Brian Burdick on Programmatic Radio

WO Programmatic Radio launched last week for stations running on WideOrbit’s WO Traffic platform. We spoke with Brian Burdick, the leader of our Digital &