January 14, 2016

Deal ID: The Best of Digital Ad Buying Comes to Linear TV

Last weekend we rolled out an important new feature in WO Programmatic: Deal ID. Much more than a serial number, the implementation of Deal ID is another example of how our programmatic marketplace brings together the best of digital tools and techniques to fuel efficient linear ad transactions.

Deal ID helps buyers and sellers build on their longstanding relationships and negotiated business terms when they transact with programmatic technology. Bringing Deal ID to WO Programmatic allows buyers and sellers to bring their shared history to deals facilitated in our marketplace. (Digiday has a great explainer post on Deal ID)

Stations participating in WO Programmatic can start integrating Deal ID into sales workflows right now. Call your WideOrbit Account Manager for more information and a demonstration.

We also rolled out several other new WO Programmatic features to make it simpler than ever for stations running WideOrbit’s WO Traffic and media buyers to work together, including:

  • Price Floors – Stations can create rules that automatically decline offers that fall below a minimum pricing threshold. Potential buyers can then reassess and resubmit their offer.
  • Simplified Gross/Net Offer Comparison – By presenting them in an apples-to-apples format, we’ve made it easier for stations to evaluate the profitability of offers arriving through any sales channel.
  • Overrun Protection WO Programmatic now provides enhanced support for buying and selling spots in programming blocks with variable or unpredictable lengths, like live sports or news events.

These new features underscore WideOrbit’s ongoing commitment to developing technology that makes it easy to buy and sell media. We will continue to deliver innovations that make it simple for buyers and sellers to connect, do business together and – most importantly – help everyone in the media ecosystem achieve their goals.

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