Marketplace TV success

February 21, 2017

Marketplace TV ad buying success: How one advertiser grew digital engagement by 11x

We’re always on the lookout for stories about advertisers experiencing success with marketplace TV ad buying. Our demand partner DataXu (now part of Roku) achieved strong results working in partnership with agency DWA Media, driving eleven times greater digital customer engagement for their client, compared to a similar, traditionally planned and purchased TV campaign.

The challenge of audience segmentation

DWA’s client – a national telecom company – wanted to reach small and medium-sized business owners (SMBs) with a new product offering. The agency worked with TiVo Research data and marketplace TV ad buying through WO Programmatic TV (now ZingX) to pinpoint and purchase broadcast TV ads during programming and in markets most likely to reach their target audience.

Marketplace buying delivers results

DataXu measured activity on relevant pages of the telecom’s website throughout the campaign. Their analysis showed:

  • A 2.4x increase in target audience engagement in DMAs where they used data-driven audience segmentation and marketplace buying
  • A decrease in engagement in the DMAs where they used traditional planning and buying methods
  • An overall 11x increase in engagement activity from TV advertising they planned and purchased through WideOrbit’s marketplace platform versus those purchased using traditional methods

DWA Media was also impressed by the efficiency and accuracy of the data available to inform their marketplace ad TV buys. Previously, deploying a campaign across selected media markets meant the agency would need to research, negotiate, and execute multiple buys across DMAs and providers – a manual and time-consuming process. Instead, DWA and DataXu employed a centralized marketplace platform with access to integrated data to select the right inventory and purchase the spots they wanted.

“When our client came to us to reach unique audiences on TV, we knew we could prove that a data-targeted campaign can drive consumer activity within a specific audience, and with the help of DataXu, TiVo, and WideOrbit, we’ve shown that to be true,” said Sarah Wilson, Associate Media Director, DWA.

Marketers and agencies are increasingly taking advantage of the data-driven customer segmentation and simple workflows offered by marketplace TV ad buying. Here at WideOrbit, we look forward to many more successful campaigns like this one, driving results for both advertisers and broadcasters.

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