July 5, 2023

Political advertising campaigns benefit from TV marketplace ad buying

The hotly contested elections of both 2020 and 2022 drove record-breaking political advertising spend, demonstrating that TV remains the best choice for achieving impact and building awareness for political messages. TV can reach more voters, more reliably, than any other form of advertising.

With its simple buying process and audience segmentation capabilities, it’s easy to see why digital advertising has become as attractive to political campaigns as it is to brand marketers. Digital is an easy to buy and relatively affordable ad format that can be carefully targeted to specific voters. But digital ad fraud is an expensive reality, with bot fraud alone increasing by 69% on CTV in 2022.

Political campaigns need to reach voters

TV advertising remains the best way for election campaigns to achieve extensive reach and motivate voters to cast their ballots – the key to success across all electoral districts, for local, state, and federal races. Check out these fast facts:

Even in off-election years like 2023, candidates need the ability to get their ads on the air quickly and efficiently. And now is the time to prepare for the major races to come in the 2024 election.

Buying TV advertising can be easy

ZingX™, WideOrbit’s buy-side marketplace platform, uses automation to simplify the traditionally complex and time-consuming process of buying TV ads. It’s the only buy-side platform offering direct access to premium inventory – including near-to-air inventory – from thousands of broadcast TV stations using WideOrbit’s premium sell-side exchange, WO Marketplace.

ZingX offers a national footprint, reaching 193 out of 210 designated market areas (DMAs), so whether you’re running an election campaign at the local, state, or federal level, ZingX will work for you. ZingX leverages automation to make it easy to access the reach you need.

ZingX offers:

  • National reach: ZingX is the only buy-side platform offering direct access to thousands of TV stations, connecting to the backend system that powers 90% of broadcast TV in the US, to provide reach across 193 DMAs nationwide.
  • Performance-based buying: Digital-first media buyers are accustomed to buying based on impressions. ZingX speaks the same language, allowing you to target your audience accurately and effectively on a pay-per-performance basis.
  • Accurate airtime reporting:  As TV stations reconcile logs, airtimes are automatically generated and shown against ad campaign goals, making it easy to optimize your campaign in-flight. ZingX provides weekly impression breakdowns, with market, daypart, and affiliate summaries.
  • Simplified billing and payments: Consolidated invoicing across all stations allows you to streamline payments – whether your buy includes a single station or 1000, you’ll receive just one bill.

ZingX can help get your message in front of voters in any market across our footprint of 193 DMAs nationwide, quickly, easily, and affordably.

Contact us to discover how ZingX can extend the reach and effectiveness of your campaign by making it easy to buy TV advertising, even in the toughest battlegrounds.

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