Automate broadcast tv ad sales with WO Marketplace

March 8, 2023

Automate broadcast TV ad sales with WO Marketplace to improve offer quality, maximize yield

Increasing audience fragmentation and shrinking ad budgets are hallmarks of today’s TV advertising landscape. To remain competitive, broadcasters need sales tools to help them easily and efficiently access new demand, leveraging automation to simplify transactions while also maintaining both rate optimization and transparency.

Embracing both the digital-style buyer who may not have previously bought local broadcast TV and experienced buyers looking for simplified transaction processes, the newly enhanced WO Marketplace opens access to new demand from buyers seeking near-to-air inventory, increasing competition which in turn increases inventory value.

With WO Marketplace, you retain full control over which offers to accept, while complete transparency into the client, the rate offered, and the creative allows you to accept only the offers that best fit your criteria. WO Marketplace brings your station new demand while automating transactions processes end-to-end, so you can:

  • Maximize revenue – Access new, high-quality demand from agencies and DSPs via WideOrbit’s new buy-side platform, ZingX™.
  • Maintain control – With full visibility into offers, including client and rate, for comparison against current sold.
  • Improve offer quality – Easily set your own Rate Guidance by inventory code to receive high-quality offers that match your criteria. Buyers never see your rates, but your rate guidance is used to ensure the offers you see are worth considering.
  • Improve efficiency – With simplified workflows, including electronic transfer of orders and materials.

Broadcaster-defined rate guidance ensures high-quality offers

The enhanced WO Marketplace platform introduces WideOrbit’s proprietary optimizer technology, which allows broadcasters to set their own rate guidance to ensure offers meet their rate criteria. Invisible to buyers, broadcaster-defined rate guidance is used to match buyer offers to the seller’s rates for maximized revenue. With WO Marketplace, broadcasters sell by daypart/inventory code, reducing the likelihood of preempts, and spots are non-guaranteed, which means no makegoods and no posting.

Our optimizer technology analyzes buyer CPM goals against available inventory rate guidance and impression projections, ensuring your station receives only high-quality, buy-side offers that fit within the rate guidance you set.

Integrations to make selling easy

WO Marketplace leverages the power of ZingX to bring broadcasters new buy-side demand. ZingX provides advertisers automated, direct access to streamlined broadcast TV ad buying processes.

Integration with Comscore media measurement for impression and ratings data ensures WO Marketplace’s optimizer technology assigns high-quality offers to help sellers realize their revenue goals, while allowing advertisers to reach a specific number of impressions in a market and/or daypart rather than make specific program buys.

WO Marketplace also integrates seamlessly with WO Traffic, allowing broadcasters to easily set rate guidance, compare WO Marketplace offers against what is booked in WO Traffic, accept offers, and electronically transfer orders and materials directly into WO Traffic.

As the demand for automated buying and selling of linear, broadcast TV continues to grow, WideOrbit’s newest version of WO Marketplace offers broadcasters improved access to high-quality demand, with greater visibility, flexibility, and control, allowing them to optimize rates and maximize revenue.

To learn more about how WO Marketplace can help you maximize revenue with access to new demand, please contact us.

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