Premium Ad Exchange and Supply Side Platform

WO Programmatic Digital enables programmatic sales of display, mobile, video, native and streaming audio inventory. Our solution helps publishers optimize yields by creating a fair marketplace for buyers and sellers and eliminating inefficient, silo-based trading.

Optimize yield across digital media types

Automatic Yield Optimization
Maximize the value of every impression with holistic, real-time optimization.

Header Bidding
Use our Header Bidding solution to maximize your CPMs by driving competition amongst demand sources. 

Open RTB
Reach all demand sources through one platform. Optimize ROI per impression.

Private Deals
Specify arrangements with advertisers or agencies to lower internal order management.

Advertiser and Creative Management
Approve and reject advertisers from the dashboard. Filter by category, bid level and buyer. View and approve creative submissions.

Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting
Access data and insights from a comprehensive dashboard.

Optimized Floor Pricing
Use historical data, including date, time and audience behavior, to optimize inventory by audience segment.

Cross-Media Selling
Integrate with WideOrbit’s WO Streaming digital audio platform and WO Digital Hub ad ops solution to enable sales of direct display, video, mobile and digital audio inventory through one platform.

Programmatic Video & OTT
Make use of WideOrbit´s propriety optimization algorithms to monetize your video and OTT streams.

Programmatic Audio
WideOrbit is proud to share its wide experience from Radio to now offer you the possibility to also programmatically monetize your audio streams.

Optimize yields with user-level dynamic floor pricing

  • Create an automatic floor price in real-time for every single ad impression
  • Set floor price on an impression by impression basis
  • Maximize CPM for highest value impressions and fill rates with accurate, granular pricing
Remove inefficient silos with header bidding

  • Offer impressions in parallel to multiple buyers with differing priorities
  • Allow buyers to make strong bids for the impressions they value most
Enable flexible campaign delivery

  • Deliver campaigns with Deal ID across media — display, mobile, VOD, digital video, TV, audio
  • Optimize across a pool of channel-agnostic inventory
  • Unify audiences across channels and devices with Nielsen DAR targeting

WO Programmatic Digital adheres to the European Principals of the EDAA Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) Framework. For more information go here:  |  Visit the WO Programmatic Digital Terms and Conditions page |  Manage your privacy settings on