Broadcast Promotion Management

WO Promo analyzes demographics and campaign goals to maximize promotional inventory. Our solution taps into Nielsen ratings and integrates with WO Traffic to provide a foundation for performance-based promo placement.

Maximize promo placement to increase viewership

Campaign-Based Promotions
Manage parameters of promo campaigns from a single interface, including materials, time of execution and GRP and demographic goals.

Budget with Nielsen Data
Maximize GRPs for your target demo. View performance levels as the log fills and make on-the-fly adjustments.

Integration with WO Traffic
View real-time data and change campaign material or parameters in WO Traffic.

Performance Reporting
Analyze and adjust campaigns. View log changes instantly.

Scheduling Engine
Determine when and where to place each promo.

Take the guesswork out of promotion scheduling

  • Maximize yields on promotional inventory, including targeting based on Nielsen data
  • Reduce costs and drive efficiencies with automated promotion scheduling
  • Demonstrate proof of performance on promotional campaigns

If stations and networks spend 15% of their inventory on promotions and they are incorrect in the placement of just 10% of those promos, then they are throwing approximately 1.5% of gross revenue and 3-5% of net profit out the window.

Your workflow maximized with WO Promo