Full-scale on-demand audio ingestion, publishing, delivery and monetization

The WO On Demand solution provides a complete content management solution for on-demand episodes and monetizes by inserting ads into your content in real time.

With dynamic ad insertion, ads are always up to date and work on any platform because we create the files in real time when they are requested. Content and ads are stitched into a single file so there are no delays between content and ad, creating a seamless user experience.

Manage your on-demand audio on every device with dynamic ad insertion

Feeds for popular 3rd party content syndicators, such as iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.

Follow your audience no matter where they watch your content. WO On Demand has the ability to insert ads across all devices and platforms.

WO On Demand was built to work with best of breed applications and systems, allowing your solution to grow as you succeed; powerful integration of business rules, metadata, and APIs; robust subsystems for analytics, advertising, syndication, players and more.

WO On Demand’s CMS allows each of your affiliates to have its own version. A single upload dynamically creates the correct file based on predetermined rules for every partner (advertising, branding, file size, HD, etc.).

Able to generate dynamic RSS and other types of content feeds for distribution to various platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, etc); flexible distribution via our API.

Manage multiple podcasts from different producers, robust user permissions and access control; easily organize very large content libraries with flexible hierarchy and taxonomy.

WO On Demand provides a custom reporting and analytics tool enabling you to save reports that need to be run repeatedly for various time periods, day, month, week, year, and come back to them later without having to set the report options each time.

“Publishing shows online with WO On Demand has exceeded KCRW’s expectations in terms of ease in managing our content online and the sponsorship strategies we wanted to put in place.”

— Anil Dewan, Director of New Media, KCRW