Traffic and Sales Solution for Cable Networks

From the leader in broadcast TV traffic systems, WO Network is the comprehensive ad sales, traffic and billing solution for cable networks. WO Network addresses every step of network ad operations from proposal to billing, and delivers accurate inventory and revenue accounting for all ad types, including general rate, direct response and digital media.  

Integrate with other WideOrbit software packages like WO Program, our programming management solution, and WO Analytics, our business intelligence solution, to make WO Network the most complete and powerful traffic platform for networks.

Manage ad sales from proposal to invoice

Inventory & Revenue Management
Manage inventory in real time, including reserves and budgets. Monitor sell-out and revenue potential.

Rate Cards
Govern pricing strategies with adaptable rate cards.

Audience Delivery Optimizer (ADO)
Analyze deal delivery and reduce network liability by improving future spot placements.

Approvals & Workflow
Set user-defined workflow rules and instantly access deal information for approvals.

Advanced Reporting
Analyze inventory performance and revenue by agency, advertiser and salesperson.

Advanced Analytics
Improve inventory control, pricing and forecasting accuracy via integration with WO Analytics, WideOrbit’s business intelligence solution.

Proposal Creation
Build custom proposals compliant with agency and network guidelines from an intuitive grid interface.

Long Form Direct Response
Streamline paid programming sales with electronic contracting.

Unified Database
Streamline workflow between traffic, sales and finance on a single, shared database.

Advertiser Rules
Manage advertiser placement rules using constraint bundles with effective dates.

Program Management
Integrate with WideOrbit’s WO Program to share programming and rights management info throughout the company.

Format Scheduling
Schedule formats across properties and programs with on-the-fly editing and format sharing.

Drive sales team performance

  • Manage inventory in real time, including reserves and budgets
  • Quickly build proposals from an intuitive grid interface
  • Analyze inventory and revenue with robust reporting dashboards
Boost revenue opportunities

  • Optimize spot placements with an advanced placement engine
  • Price unsold inventory
  • Reserve inventory by sales team
Reduce risk and support customer service excellence

  • Honor placement requirements, constraints and conflicts
  • Reduce liability with deal delivery analysis and proactive ADU adjustments

Major networks rely
on WideOrbit to help drive maximum revenue from their ad inventory