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Optimize the performance of your sales organization.


Gaining Control and Visibility

Making your sales numbers is tougher than ever. Great sales people can make a difference but they need the proper tools. And you need control and visibility across the organization and sales process to help optimize performance and drive efficiencies.

Optimizing Sales Performance

WO Media CRM is a comprehensive sales and account management solution for stations and networks that delivers complete control and visibility across your sales organization. WO Media CRM helps you optimize the performance of your sales team by providing you with an accurate view of sales activities, opportunities and pending business, and allows you to accurately forecast revenue and maximize account lists and sales team assignments. WO Media CRM helps you drive sales effectiveness by providing account executives with a streamlined sales process that includes automated approvals, Microsoft® Outlook integration, mobile access and easy tracking and notification of pending business and tasks. WO Media CRM is a powerful sales management tool that helps increase revenue and drive efficiencies across the entire sales process.

Driving Higher Revenue

WO Media CRM allows stations and networks to drive higher revenue by providing control and visibility to sales management and a streamlined process with built-in accountability to account executives.

  • Accurately forecast revenue and manage pending business
  • Optimize account lists and sales team assignments
  • Drive account executive effectiveness and decrease loss of information due to turnover
  • Streamline sales process through automated approvals and notifications

WO Media CRM can be deployed with WO Media Sales or as a standalone system.

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  • AE Call Sheets – Show all activity for any AE through a specified data range
  • Account Assignments – Managers can approve, disapprove or transfer accounts
  • Budgets – Managers can set budgets for AEs based on multiple criteria
  • Pending Reports – Track pending business by stages, promotions, packages and lead sources
  • Full Customization – Customize to fit your needs based on leads, stage, origins and promotions

  • Pending/Forecasting – Track all pending business and accurately forecast revenue
  • Appointments/Task – Track all appointments and tasks with integration to Microsoft® Outlook, Gmail and mobile phone
  • Client Profile – Customizable and searchable with fields for favorite demos/dayparts and buying habits
  • Document Storage – Store any file for use or reference
  • Email Tracking

  • Live Data – Real-time integration with WO Traffic
  • Flexible Reporting – Easy to change on-the-fly
  • Custom Saved Reports – Save any report as a Favorite for future use
  • Pre-Built Reports – Multiple pre-built reports, such as Top 10, AE Close Ratio, Revenue History, Pending Business, Closed-Lost Business Summary and many more
  • Roll-up Reporting – Roll up based on Market, Region or Revenue Groups

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