Optimize the performance of your sales organization with complete control and visibility across stations, networks and markets

Now more than ever, your sales team needs the best performance tools for success and you need accurate information on accounts, assignments and revenue forecasts. WO Media CRM provides an accurate, detailed and strategic view of your sales activities and opportunities.

With WO Media CRM, you can drive sales effectiveness and revenues by creating a streamlined process that includes Microsoft Exchange and Google integration, forecasting and reporting capabilities, and other powerful features.

WO Media CRM can be deployed with WO Media Sales or as a standalone system.

Drive revenue with customizable planning, performance analysis and forecasting tools

Multi-Tier Architecture
Ultimate access and control across large multi-station, multi-market and multi-media organizations.

WO Media Sales Integration
Seamless integration with WO Media Sales provides access to the most up-to-date client contact information, demos and buying habits, create and track campaigns, and sync with Microsoft® Outlook or Google.

Managers Preference
Managers can view staff activity by date range, control disposition of all accounts (approve, reject, transfer), and set AE budgets based on multiple criteria.

Pending Reports
Managers can track opportunities (pending business) by sales stage, promotions, packages and lead sources.

Track all opportunities and accurately forecast revenue.

Advanced Reporting
Unequaled flexible reporting capabilities with fully customizable (and savable) reports, multiple prebuilt reports, and roll-up reporting based on market, region or revenue groups.

Your workflow optimized with WO Media CRM