Broadcasting Business Intelligence

WO Analytics generates critical insights from broadcast traffic data into pricing, revenue and sales performance. It’s the only business intelligence solution that analyzes business performance, risk management and opportunities from data generated by broadcast traffic systems.

Leverage traffic data to drive business performance

Customizable Dashboards
Create reports for any business situation or key performance indicator. Viewable from browsers or tablets.

Political Monitor
Manage election year risk with reports on Lowest Unit Rate (LUR) exposure, buying trends and pacing comparisons.

Put Traffic and Ratings Data to Work
Analyze data generated by WideOrbit solutions, Nielsen ratings and other traffic systems. Easily review information on spot, pacing, invoice aging, payment history, traffic log and inventory capacity.

Real-Time Analysis
Instantly evaluate key performance indicators for every corner of the business.

Pinpoint opportunities for business improvement

  • Improve pricing strategy with detailed insights into every channel and station
  • Identify trends, outliers and areas of underperformance
  • Review spot churn data to uncover receivables sitting outside of reported revenue
Optimize sales performance and enhance profitability

  • See pacing by AE, station, product category, region and many other parameters
  • Reduce make-goods, manage oversell and end reactionary pricing
  • Expose lost revenue with the Preempt Monitor Dashboard
Reduce risk and manage costs

  • Analyze outstanding balances, adjustments and payment history
  • Examine inventory down to priority code
  • Stay up-to-date with daily data refreshes and reliable ETL processes

Real-Time Analysis

March 5, 2015


Political Monitor

March 5, 2015


Turnkey Solution

March 5, 2015



March 5, 2015

WO Analytics delivers a dynamic and forward-looking analysis of our business. With WO Analytics, our team has a deeper insight which leads to improving profitability.”

— Steve Fisher, Executive Vice President and CFO for Entercom Communications