Leverage the full power of your data to radically improve your business

Making the right decisions to ensure your business runs more efficiently and profitably is your job. Giving you the information you need to make those decisions is ours.

WO Analytics is an advanced, flexible business analytics tool that provides in-depth monitoring and reporting across a media business to help executives and station managers identify new business opportunities, improve pricing, streamline operations and increase forecasting accuracy.

WO Analytics has been selected by more than 750 stations. WideOrbit is the only Business Intelligence vendor that has extensive broadcast knowledge; complete understanding of the source systems, a tested and proven data extraction process and a 100% successful implementation record.

Significantly increase revenue across your stations and markets with the most powerful business analytics solution available for media companies

Real-Time Analysis
Instant access to real-time data analysis across numerous key areas of your business — accessible from any browser or tablet.

Data Sources
Analyze data from all WideOrbit solutions, including information on spot, pacing, invoice aging, payment history, traffic log, and inventory capacity; plus additional third-party software data and Nielsen ratings.

Pre-Built Customizable Dashboards
Numerous pre-built, customizable core dashboards for executives, GMs, sales managers, A/R, finance and AEs — all with a high-level view and the ability to drill down into details.

Political Monitor
Group-wide and station-specific political sales analysis with LUR monitor and rate driver ensures that you’re fully compliant and will avoid rebates.

Turnkey Solution
Solution includes a performance-tuned, broadcast-specific Data Mart, all backend tools and scripts for managing and loading data, synchronized updates for WideOrbit product releases, pre-built dashboards and a cutting-edge authoring tool to create or customize dashboards.

WideOrbit Guarantee
WO Analytics is the only solution in the industry that is guaranteed to work with every release of your WideOrbit products for unparalleled business value.


Real-Time Analysis

March 5, 2015


Political Monitor

March 5, 2015


Turnkey Solution

March 5, 2015



March 5, 2015

100% Success!

WideOrbit is the only Business Intelligence vendor that has extensive broadcast knowledge, complete understanding of the source systems, a tested and proven data extraction process, and a 100% successful implementation.

WO Analytics can help you:

Identify Profit Opportunities
See data in a quick and clean format that allows you to view trends, outliers, and identify areas of underperformance.

Detect Lost Revenue
Look for patterns across accounts, stations or AEs to pinpoint root causes that create opportunities for education, training or guidance.

Improve Operational Efficiencies
Review spot churn data at the most granular level to see how long money has been sitting outside of reported revenue.

Increase Market Awareness
Get a better view across your stations and markets with multi-dimensional pacing charts by AE, product category, region and a host of other metrics.

WO Analytics delivers a dynamic and forward-looking analysis of our business. With WO Analytics, our team has a deeper insight which leads to improving profitability.”

— Steve Fisher, Executive Vice President and CFO for Entercom Communications