WO Programmatic TV makes it easy to buy local TV advertising at scale

Place ads where and when you want
Make offers by station and programming up to 7 days in advance. You’ll know within 48 hours whether your ad will air when you want it to, guaranteed.

Expansive audience reach
Optimize reach and frequency based on targeting day-parts and audience demographics. Place spots in multiple markets across the entire United States.

Simplify creative management
WO Programmatic TV’s integration with station traffic systems automatically delivers transcoded creative with error-free instructions.

Guaranteed premium video
Local advertising is brand-safe and fraud-free. It has the highest reach of any medium and the most purchase influence.*

Improve targeting with data-driven buys
Optimize ROI by targeting audiences and content by first-party or syndicated data.

Easy reconciliation
On-demand reporting on targeted purchased, and delivered spots.

* Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study December 2014. GfK Custom Research North America Survey.

Two ways to place the ultimate premium video buy

Programmatic Buyer Console

Brands and agencies that prefer to work independently can use our console to place orders across multiple media markets.

WideOrbit demand-side partners

Our preferred DSP partners can help you buy broadcast inventory along with digital video. Connect with our partners to learn more.

The Power and Potential of Programmatic TV


Why are buyers excited?

“It’s not a matter of will it be programmatic or not. Two or three years from now, this is just how people will transact all media on a global scale.”
– Mike Racic, iCrossing