Advertiser and Agency Solutions

The media landscape is quickly evolving as consumers move to a variety of platforms to consume content. Ad buyers are urgently looking to identify solutions that address audience fragmentation, new targeting needs and buying process automation.

WO Programmatic launched in 2015 to automate and apply data to media transactions integrating directly with WideOrbit's traffic and billing software, giving stations and networks a seamless, end-to-end workflow for accepting and airing ads purchased with programmatic.
Solutions for Advertisers and Agencies

Automated media buying, at your fingertips

Enhance efficiency for everyone

Gain peace of mind with industry standard order management, trafficking, performance reporting, and billing, all in one place.

Gain a trusted partner

Trust an established partner to execute end-to-end campaigns on premium TV, radio, and digital inventory across the US simultaneously from a single interface.

Minimize buying complexity

Automate workflows across media formats to reduce touch points for data-driven buyers procuring cross-platform campaigns or targeting by audience profile.

Programmatic Solutions

Our platform offers an excellent opportunity to buy cross-channel on TV, radio, and digital. Regardless of how you like to buy, we have a solution for you.
Supported Programmatic Ad Buying Styles

Open Marketplace

Advertisers can submit bids on TV, radio, and digital advertising units, then optimize campaigns mid-flight based on performance. Option to apply audience data to any campaign on-the-fly.

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Every step of the traditional TV buying workflow is automated within Programmatic Direct. Enjoy centralized campaign information, from proposals to creative to billing.

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Direct Response

CoreMedia’s leading pre-buy system connects to WideOrbit’s programmatic platform to automate DR buying, allowing buyers to tap into centralized inventory and associated reports.

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Private Marketplace

A white-labeled version of our Open Marketplace model where sellers can specify the buyers that can participate to bid on their inventory.

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