Optimize the effectiveness of your employees

In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to deploy the best solutions. Your people need to know how to use these solutions to their full capacity to reap the greatest benefit. WideOrbit provides a wide range of training services to ensure that your people become experts on WideOrbit’s solutions. WideOrbit’s training organization helps our clients keep up to date with the features and functions of our products, get new employees up to speed quickly and effectively, and refresh the knowledge of current system users.

Our training team is staffed with industry experts who know our systems and have worked in sales, traffic, accounting and promotions departments at major stations and networks. So we understand your processes, how you work and the unique challenges you face every day. We design and customize our training programs to meet your specific needs and budget, with the flexibility your organization requires.

WideOrbit delivers training services in three ways:

  • Self-guided training modules – Pre-recorded video sessions that you can access anytime, from anywhere
  • Remote online training – Live online training providing personalized instruction without the travel expense
  • On-site training – Customized, personalized training delivered on-site by an experienced instructor

Why Choose WideOrbit Training Services?

  • Experienced trainers with station and network experience
  • Flexible training options that include self-guided, online and onsite sessions
  • Customized programs to meet your needs and budget

Training Services include:

Customized Training
Tailored to each organization’s needs and each user’s job function.

Refresher Training
Improving the knowledge and skills of veteran users.

Business Process Training
Improving the way groups use WideOrbit products to achieve optimal results.

Centralized Training
Optimizing the use of WO Traffic in a centralized traffic hub environment.

Technical Training
For IT personnel.

“Training is a breeze with WideOrbit and they are always there to assist if you get in a bind!”

— Holly Burgess, Traffic Manager, New England Sports Network

For more information please contact:
Merideth Kelly, Director of Professional Services
+1.425.412.5282  |  Email