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How WO Automation for Radio Helps One University Run Five Major Market Stations

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The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications operates one of the busiest and most complex broadcasting operations in the country. In addition to its academic mission to educate the next generation of media professionals, it operates two television stations and five radio stations. Find out how WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio keeps every one of the College’s stations on air and sounding great

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For Radio Stations, Making Money From Podcasts Is Getting Easier

For Radio Stations, Making Money From Podcasts is Getting Easier

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Stations already produce many bite-sized features – like morning show bits, interviews, news bites, and talk segments – that can easily be packaged as podcasts. Dynamic ad insertion technology like WO On Demand eliminates barriers to extending station content, converting it to podcasts, and making money. For stations with these kind of features, podcasting is a great opportunity to extend and monetize content without adding significant additional work for sales teams or on-air talent.

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WideOrbit Customer Spotlight: Entravision

Customer Spotlight: Entravision Runs Traffic at 100+ Stations with WideOrbit

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Now that the WideOrbit User Conference has passed, we thought it would be a great time to feature a client who oversees one of our biggest installations. Mildred Sibley is Vice President of Station Traffic Operations at Entravision Communications Corporation, which owns and operates one of the largest groups of Spanish-language radio and television stations in the United States. Entravision owns 58 television stations and 48 radio stations (37 FM and 11 AM), 46 of which are located in the top 50 U.S. Hispanic markets. Mildred joined Entravision in 2014, and has more than 22 years of experience in Traffic, Operations, Sales, Programming, Research and Accounting. Mildred spoke with us about Entravision’s traffic system and how it supports her company’s mission.

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Many New Features On The Horizon for WO Automation for Radio 3.7

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We are working hard to finish the first release of WO Automation for Radio version 3.7. The new version will have improved memory management and an updated database engine for greater system stability, an improved Sage ENDEC EAS Widget, the ability to insert Hotkeys into the Stack Widget, and major usability improvements to Audio Finder. I could go on and on, because the initial 3.7 release includes over 107 new features!

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