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Tapad Brings New Demand to WO Programmatic TV

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“The integration of WideOrbit’s quality TV supply takes orchestrated cross-screen media buys to the next level,” said Marshall Wong, Tapad’s SVP of TV market development. “Marketers can now optimize TV campaigns within days instead of weeks. This also untethers them from buying against generic demographics like age and gender. By allowing brands to employ their own CRM or third-party data, we can move them much closer to audiences who will take action.”

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The WideOrbit PTV Post-Tribune: August 2016

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The WideOrbit PTV Post-Tribune rounds up each month’s top news stories on TV advertising, the programmatic TV market, and their business impact for advertisers and broadcasters.

In this edition: TV still wins on attention, big screens are better than small, agency clients want their brands on TV, and ad buyers push for programmatic.

TV: The Strongest Ad Medium

TV Continues to Top Time with Media
US consumers spend an average of 35 hours per week watching live and time-shifted television, according to Nielsen Q1 2016 research.

Size Matters: TV Has Highest Video Ad Recall
In terms of ad attentiveness and recall, viewing on a conventional TV set trumps computers, smartphones and tablets.

Ad Agency Clients are Most Interested in Advertising on TV
When it came down to the advertising media their clients were most interested in, TV was the clear #1 choice.

Shifting Dollars Back to TV Drives Advertiser Success
An SMI study finds advertiser sales volume increases when digital budgets taken from TV are returned even partially to TV.

Local Broadcast TV Is Top Driver of Voter Behavior
How will politicians reach voters this year? More often than not, it will be through local broadcast television – and for good reason.

Programmatic TV Attracts Attention from Ad Buyers

Programmatic TV Ad Spending is Doubling This Year
Programmatic TV  is poised to experience explosive growth over the next several years, rising to 6% of all TV ad budgets by 2018.

Ad Buyers Plan To Increase Programmatic TV Spending In 2017
The number of media buyers spending more than 5% of their TV budgets with programmatic is set to nearly triple next year.

Targeting Is #1 Driver of Programmatic TV Buyer Adoption
Media buyers explain their top reasons why programmatic TV ad spending is projected to reach $4.43 billion in 2018.

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